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This would be the resource section then. Intended as not just a section for you to find out more about me, but also as a place I personnally would be able to use. Here, I've decided to put probably the most useful of all the resources I use down. So whether that means old work, links to websites, or just programs themselves, they'll all go here.

Programming Links-

  Eddie's Basic Guide to C, HTML and JavaScript
An absolutely invaluable website if you're just starting out learning C.

Art Links-

  Army of Trolls
Quite possibly the website that made me realise my deep down love of pixel art, which in turn lead to the creation of my currently styled website. Makes my face smile everytime.

Games Links-

Probably the best website out on the Internet, purely because they're completely honest, very rare for a coporate website.
Another news website, but I like them because for an 'amaturer' website, they're miles above the competition.

'People I've met along the way' Links-

  Brian Davis
A programmer from Teesside, now studying the Computer Games Masters course there.
  Peter Lewis
A programmer from Teesside, currently studying the BSc Computer Games Programming course there.

MISC Links-

  Games Studies Society
Seeing as I'm the chair for the first year, I couldn't resist putting a link here.
  Teesside University
Again, this one had to be here, seeing as I'm studying there.


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